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Make $1000 Monthly – FAST & EASY With PPD

What Do I need?
– Cup of Coffee
– Computer
– Email Account
– PPD Account
– Time

This method will also require some social engineering as well.
1) Go to search engine

2) Research for scam emails, even check your Junk box etc, there are
thousands of people emailing those emails. This target is not saturated.

3) Email them like you are really interested and act like a total idiot (by this
time, these scammers are all crowding around his PC laughing at “another”
idiot and they will email back and try and rail you in with more crap.. TipMake
them work a bit & you can almost imagine him sweating think he’s
just hit the jackpot here)


4) Post them your download PPD link, now next step is where you get them

5) Tell them you have uploaded ALL YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS for him here
(PPD Mirror link)

6) They will download as they think the file is worth the download

7) RINSE & REPEAT!! $$$$

Good Luck!!
Enjoy this method!!

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